36 Hours, 5 Locations, 3 People : Part 2

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

After spending the first day of our jaunt shooting in ideal conditions as Cedar creek, we collapsed into our accommodation at the sunshine coast just on dark. It had been a great day and after some fruitful conversation over dinner we took to the task of cleaning gear and preparing for a pre-sunrise start. 

Given the weather, we had ended up deciding that Coolum should be our morning destination rather than Dickie beach so when the first alarm went off at 4:15am it was all hands on deck as we packed the car and headed north.

We arrived to a heavy looking sky and had made our way down to first cove when a heavy shower hit. It was still a while until first light so we piled back into the car to wait it out and after 15 minutes decided to try again.

We spread out over the red rocks around the base of the southern headland and waited for the light to reach workable levels before shooting away through a subtle sunrise

IMG_3294“First cove sunrise”
Canon 5D, 17-40L @ 17mm, f14, 30 sec

After the light had lost it’s morning warmth we headed off for breakfast and a rethink of our plans. We were originally going to head to Buderim forest, but the sky had cleared making for conditions that would have proven unworkable. Instead we decided to head for the hills so to speak to check out the remnant rainforest at Mary Cairncross, hoping that the clouds off to the west would move in and help us out.

IMG_3464“Big, bigger, biggest”
Canon 5D, 17-40L @ 17mm, f16, 8 sec

As it turned out, the conditions did co-operate again and we spent about 5 hours trawling around the forest giants in this beautiful area. It’s not always easy to “see the shot” when you’re confronted with a wall of green, so picking out areas with clean foregrounds was the aim amongst the bigger trees whilst still looking for those little scenes that catch your eye and make for a different sort of image.

IMG_3599“Natures ladder”
Canon 5D, 17-40L @ 40mm, f4, 1/2 sec

When we final emerged from the damp undergrowth, we started scouting for a sunset location to shoot the glass house mountains from. Driving along a ridge near Maleny, we came around a corner and were confronted with an amazing light display as the lowering sun ducked behind a cloud and sent shafts of light scattering in all directions.

Canon 5D, 70-200L @ 100mm, f11, 1/500th

It was incredible to behold the scene laid out before us and fortunately we were at a spot where we could pull up and dash to the opposite side of the road for a few shots. While shooting the whole scene was a virtually impossible task due to the massive dynamic range on offer, breaking out a longer lens proved to be an enjoyable and rewarding change. We stood there for a while picking out shots as the light raced around the valley below us before finally fading back to reality. 

IMG_3770“Beam me up”
Canon 5D, 70-200L @ 100mm, f11, 1/500th

This was one of those experiences where images fail to capture the moments of raw beauty and wonder that were on display. I know I’ll remember the experience for a long time to come.

By this stage, sunset was approaching and we had been caught out after spending time shooting the scenes above and by the time we arrived down at valley level we had lost the light. We still shot a few images of Mt Coonowrin from near to its base, but more as a scouting exercise for another trip.

It had been 36 hours since we had left and everyone was exhausted, so we set our sights for home and left behind what had been a fantastic couple of days.



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