Moving through time

May 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s 4:00am. The overly optimistic sounds of an orchestra ushering in a new day have been silenced with a sideways swipe of my hand. Around me is utter blackness, the sounds of light rain are at complete odds to the cocoon of warmth I have trapped beneath the blanket.  Sleep is proving a tempting mistress as she teases the frayed edges of my consciousness, looking for a foothold to lull me back to her. But there’s work to be done. She wont reclaim me on this morning… at least not yet.

IMG_3799“Wynnum pier”
Canon 5D, 17-40L @ 40mm, f22, 15 sec

It’s on mornings like these that it is so easy to give in to the temptations of warmth and comfort. But mornings like these also lend themselves to making great images. Under a leaden sky exposure times lengthen, opening up new opportunities and I find myself thinking in black and white. The world reduces to a series of lines, shapes and tones as colours wash away.

IMG_3798-2“Sand vortex”
Canon 5D, 17-40L @ 20mm, f18, 30 sec

My vision slows and I look across time to see the differences between now and then, viewing the world in slow motion to better understand the effects of time on the movable objects surrounding me. The world moves by but I stand motionless, tethered to the lines and shapes.

IMG_3796“The old dock”
Canon 5D, 17-40L @ 22mm, f18, 30 sec

When the tether finally breaks with the sound of a soft click, I return to the world of colour and time and set a course back to the warm embrace of my mistress, opening myself to her footholds and drifting back to her sleep eternal…


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