Field of dreams

May 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I met up with a friend a few days back for a macro session at his local grounds. He has stumbled across an area that is home to a great range of native and solitary bee species, something that my area is sorely lacking in. I’m always envious of the beautiful images he captures of these fantastic subjects, so I figured it was about time I went and had another go at them.

IMG_5171”Out of the blue”
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 3x, f11, 1/160th, Full flash

When we first arrived the sun was high and hitting the field, which Mark has christened “The field of bees”. I on the other hand have secretly named the spot  “The field of dreams”, for two reasons…1) It’s a dream come true shooting here, surrounded by such an array of beautiful subjects and 2) As most of the subjects shown here have shut down and are essentially asleep, I like to think they are in the midst of their own pleasant dreams.

As with most bee species, as temperatures drop in the afternoon and shadows lengthen to cover the roosting areas, the bees settle down in familiar positions, clamping their jaws around a blade of grass or small twig, essentially locking themselves into position for the night.

Pretty in pink“Pretty in pink”
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 3x, f11, 1/160th, Full flash

Once the bees have lost their stored energy and are in a trance like “sleep”, it is possible to close in and capture images without disturbing them, utilising different backgrounds in the immediate area such as the blue sky (Out of the blue, top), a flower (pretty in pink, above) and a piece of bark (Blue banded bee, below).

IMG_5224“Blue banded bee”
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 1.5x, f11, 1/160th, Full flash

Although numbers are a little down at the moment due to the onset of colder weather conditions as the southern hemisphere works it’s way towards winter, it’s heartening to think that a new seasons inhabitants will soon be patrolling the field of dreams, resplendent in their early season coats and providing not only fantastic shooting opportunities, but also moments of pure delight as only mother nature can.


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