Who am I?

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes when out shooting I will run across subjects that I haven’t seen before. While it is always exciting to see something new, it also leaves you with the challenge of tracking down and identifying the species.

With that in mind, I thought I would share a quick game of who am I to highlight the though process when trying to ID a subject.



  • My body is a bright yellow colour
  • I am covered from head to toe in hairy spines
  • My body is soft and unenclosed in any type of hard armour


* Please note: Images can be clicked to view larger *IMG_6212
Who am I… Can you name this species?
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 3x, Full flash


  • I have twin strips of square black patches running down my length
  • I am long and cylindrical in shape
  • I am approximately 5mm in length


IMG_6217Who am I… Can you name this species?
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 4x, Full flash


ANSWER: I am the larvae of the Steelblue ladybird (Halmus chalybeus)!


IMG_9539Steelblue ladybird (Halmus chalybeus)
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 3.9x, Full flash


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