Neon signage

August 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

There are few spiders in my shooting area that are as flamboyantly decorated as the “Neon” spider. The reds and yellows on the abdomen almost glow in the light and even the apparent white sides are in fact a highly reflective metallic silver, almost akin to aluminium foil.

I usually find this species sitting atop a flat leaf, generally in acacia trees, and almost always entangled in there own thin webs which they spread out flat over the surface of the leaf.

There does not seem to be any concern for camouflage although there is suggestion that the large black spots on the rear of the abdomen are in fact a form of larger spider mimicry.

* Please note: Images can be clicked to view larger *IMG_6210
Neon spider (Thwaitesia nigronodosa)
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 1.5x, Full flash

While I enjoy shooting this species, their incredibly shiny and reflective surfaces pose a lighting challenge and provide a good test of flash diffusion. It’s all too easy to blow highlights on this subject, particularly on the silver sections of the abdomen!


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