Feeling crabby

October 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Regardless of whether spiders are something you love or something you hate, I would hope that most people would find at least something intriguing about them if they were to view them with an open mind.

When it comes to hiding and hunting, the Thomisidae family are right up there for me. While I usually only come across a few species in my shooting areas, they always amaze me with their camouflage and hunting techniques.

Recently, I was lucky enough to run across one of the less common species in my area… Runcinia acuminata or Long crab spider.

* Click the images below to view larger versions*

Long crab spider

Long crab spider (Runcinia acuminata)
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 2.0x, Fill flash

The long crab spider is classed as common but this is only the second time I have found this species in the last two years and the first time in my new shooting area. Sitting hidden amidst a grass seed head, this particular spider was holding the trademark long front legs in the customary outstretched position.

Long crab spider

Long crab spider (Runcinia acuminata)
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 3.7x, Fill flash

The reach that can be obtained by the front legs of this species is quite amazing, with the front leg length being over twice the entire body length. Given that this species is already called the “Long” crab spider, that’s really saying something!

Long crab spider

Long crab spider (Runcinia acuminata)
Canon 5D, MPE-65 @ 5.0x, Full flash

One of the things I love most about crab spiders is the broad, flat facial shape which lends something of a fierce look to them in my opinion. While they may be master ambush hunters, shooting this species, as with most crab spiders, tends to be enjoyable as they usually sit still in their impressive defensive pose.

All in all, I was very pleased to come across this little fella and grab a few decent shots. It’s also nice to know they are roaming around my new shooting area as it will hopefully lead to a few more encounters!


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